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Founded in 1997, Psicoanalisi is the bi-annual journal of A.I.Psi. publishing papers related to specific psychoanalytical clinical and theoretical issues. Nowadays, when the specificity of psychoanalysis risks being diluted or confused with alternative therapies derived from psychoanalysis, or claims to test its effectiveness and reliability by applying methods suited to other branches of science, Psicoanalisi aims to highlight and develop what is specific to this discipline.


The journal is divided into two sections. The first section includes essays that, although the authors may already be known in Italy, have not yet been translated into Italian, as well as essays written by authors who are less known in Italy, in order to guarantee diffusion of the psychoanalytic thinking of the three regions of the IPA (Europe, North America, South America).

The second section includes papers by Italian analysts anonymously peer reviewed by a board of qualified analysts belonging to other IPA Societies.

Psicoanalisi also publishes essays considered to be classical papers in the field of psychoanalysis that are reviewed and discussed by one or two colleagues of different theoretical orientations, and it includes a section with reviews of the international psychoanalytical literature.

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Editorial Board

Jacqueline Amati Mehler (Director)
Adolfo Pazzagli (Vice Director)
Giovanna Ambrosio (Chief Editor)
Carlo Vittorio Todesco
Geni Valle

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