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TRAINING INSTITUTE - Application and admission procedure

The Training Institute considers applicants graduated in Medicine and Surgery or in Psychology who belong to their respective professional rolls.

Applicants are required to fill out an Application Form with attached certificates of University degree, membership in professional roll, and curriculum vitae et studiorum, together with a personal note explaining the reasons why they wish to qualify as a psychoanalyst.

Applicants selected on the basis of their Application Form and attached documents will be interviewed by three training analysts. Applicants who have qualified for training will then be asked to select the name of a training analyst from a list provided to them in order to undergo full personal analysis for training purposes in four or five weekly sessions to be given on different days and lasting 45-50 minutes each.

Candidates not considered suitable for training are entitled to ask for the reasons why they have been refused. They may present a new Application only once again, and not before one full year has elapsed.

Admission to training courses

After a period of at least two years of personal analysis for training purposes, candidates can apply for admission to the Training Seminars of the Institute within the dates established by the Committee. The Training Committee will ask the candidate to again have interviews with three training analysts, one of whom must be of the previous team. At the same time the candidate must sign a statement undertaking not to qualify as a member of the Association before he has been accepted as an Associate Member of it. Applicants considerd unsuitable to start Seminars may fill out a new Application Form only once again, and not before one full year has elapsed.


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